How to Help You Kid Learn Emotional Intelligence

Many people wonder about the importance of teaching kids about emotional intelligence. Now, this is the fact that emotional intelligence is learnt by every grown up person at any part of his/her life. So, why care for all this fuss about teaching kids the emotional intelligence? Well, the real answer is you wouldn’t want your kid to lack in the ability to manage his/her emotions after entering into adult age. That gap may get covered at some point but the way it will be covered may not be the pleasant one. So, teaching children about emotional intelligence in the younger age can make them quite strong emotionally when they grow up.

So, there are a few things that you can do right from the start and help your kid ride on car of emotional intelligence in the ideal way.
Respond to your infant as quickly as you can Many people think that it’s okay to delay the response when baby cries. This is the very wrong thing to do. Emotional intelligence needs to be taught from the infancy. So, when…